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First import it to your app module or any submodule as you wish

import { pgListViewModule} from './@pages/components/list-view/list-view.module';
  imports: [pgListViewModule,...]
export class AppModule(){}

How to use

Basic Select with Search

<pg-list-view-container class="scrollable full-height" [perfectScrollbar]="config">
    <pg-list-item *ngFor="let group of userList">
        <ng-template #ItemHeading>
      <li class="chat-user-list clearfix"  *ngFor="let user of group.users">
        <a pg-view-trigger parentView="chat" animationType="push-parrallax">
            <span class="thumbnail-wrapper d32 circular bg-success">
                <img width="34" height="34" alt="" src="{{user.img}}" class="col-top">
            <p class="p-l-10 ">
              <span class="text-master">{{user.username}}</span>
              <span class="block text-master hint-text fs-12">{{user.lastMessage}}</span>

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