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Pages Angular is build using SCSS and you can find it in src/app/@pages/styles. This folder contains all modules with vendor / 3rd party plugin styles.
Its important to notice that each demo page / layout will have different modules included on runtime.

How each page / layout has its own styles included

Pages depend on layouts which are found in src/app/@pages/layouts. Layouts differ from the each route you have set in your main src/app/app.routing.ts
example login and other session pages will not have most of the style modules included in other pages like progress bar & charts
path: 'condensed',
component: BlankComponent,
children: [{
path: 'session',
loadChildren: './session/session.module#SessionModule'
the layout used in this is called "BlankComponent" if you visit @pages/layout/blank/blank.component.scss imported from styles folder.
Likewise each layout will have its own .scss file having its own module.