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Session and other pages

Pages ship with a few session pages like login, register, & lock screen.
Session pages are found under the module sessionModule which can be located in src/app/session folder. There is no root component / Layout assigned from these components. Each page / session page layout is assigned from the router.
Second Tab
import { Routes } from '@angular/router';
import {
} from './@pages/layouts';
export const AppRoutes: Routes = [
path: '',
//Your root layout
component: BlankComponent,
children: [{
path: 'session',
loadChildren: './session/session.module#SessionModule'
In the sample router note that BlankComponent is imported from @pages - located in the folder @pages/layouts. And this import is used in the component:BlankComponent of the sample code above. Note that in BlankComponent we have only loaded styles relevantly needed for that module. You can see it in @pages/layouts/blank/blank.component.scss

Can we used the condensedLayout for sessionModules / Session Pages

Yes you can, make sure you have imported CondensedLayout from
import { CondensedComponent} from './@pages/layouts';
Then you need to make sure the styles are imported to your @pages/layouts/condensed/condensed.component.scss
Styles that are required for Session Pages
@import "modules/login.scss";
//Lock screen
@import "modules/lock_screen.scss";
@import "modules/_error.scss";
You can try this with any layout you like in @pages/layouts
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